Transbase Hair Systems
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The TRANSBASE HAIR SYSTEM has a base that is durable against the acid of perspiration and completely air breathable. A hair system with an all monofilament net base, (No polyurethane coating) fully single hair hand-knotted and the front is scalloped and has nice receding hairline that is easy to style.
You can brush the hair in any direction, left, right, forward or backward.

With the TP102 and TP106 tape use for 3 - 4 day attachment

Use our TP103 tape all around the perimeter with our TP107 tape for 2 - 4 week bonding!
You can shower, swim, play sports and sleep while doing just about anything.

STOCK SIZES ARE: Small: 8" x 6" Medium : 9" X 7" Large : 10" x 7.5"

Stock : Synthetic Hair Only
Stock Density : Thin/Medium

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